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As children, Roy and I always had dogs. Roy's family had the heintz-57 variety and my family had Miniature Schnauzers.
                                              {Roy and Rex}                    {Kathi and Bridget}
When we decided to find a dog to fit into our very active - but childless (by choice) lives - the Standard Schnauzer fit the bill. . .intelligent, not a "sissy looking" dog, athletic (to accompany us on backpacking, rafting and general outdoor activities), and not too big. Shedding was also an issue with Roy's allergies. Standard Schnauzers DO SHED, to some extent, but they didn't bother Roy like say a Sheltie or Huskie would.
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Thus, our love affair with the Standard Schnauzer began over 25 years ago with our first Standard "Weizer". Just like potato chips, and not being able to eat just one, "Schniken" joined our family the following year. It wasn't until "Himel" came into our lives that we actually got hooked on the dog show game. The first time Himel and I ever set foot into the conformation ring, we won a 5-point major over several specials! Day 2 brought us a 4-point major. . .that is all it took! I do most of the work with the dogs but Roy is always by my side cheering me on, helping with the lifting, and occasionally in the ring, when he doesn't have a choice. Roy likes to say that he is along for the strong back and moral support. You can find me in the conformation, agility, obedience, and rally rings. I have even dabbled in tracking and herding.
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We have been owned by fourteen Standard Schnauzers thus far (five have gone to the Rainbow Bridge but lived full happy lives). We have earned more than 75 tiles on eleven of these wonderful dogs. Several of our SS have been ranked in the top 10 by the Standard Schnauzer Club of America, Canine Chronicle, IABCA, and Canadian Kennel Club (with multi-group placements and International Best In Shows/Gold Cup Best in Show). . .and we have had several Front & Finish rankings (top 10 SS in agility and obedience). SSCA has acknowledged four of our ss as Novice Agility Dog and Open Agility Dog of the year for several years running. We have also earned Stud Dog of the Year twice and was runner up for Brood Bitch of the year. So far, we have showed and finished six dogs from the Bred-By Exhibitor Class earning us AKC's special Bred-By Silver Medallion. One of our dogs was the fifth SS to receive AKC's newest Grand Champion title and is the FIRST owner handled in the breed for this distinction. We have bred/trained/handled our dogs to three Agility Championships! Several of the puppies we have bred have gone on to be group placers, Regional and National Specialty winners, High In Trial recipients, Agility Champions and have received invites to the Eukanuba Invitational (conformation) and Qualified/participated in the AKC National Agility Championships. We are very involved and dedicated to our dogs. . .we condition, groom, train, and show all our own dogs!

On the "club" front. . . I am a past member of a local all breed kennel club and obedience club. I am an active member of a local agility club where I served as Secretary and Vice President and now serve as Judge Liaison. We are long time members of the Standard Schnauzer Club of America where I served as National Rescue Chair (designing and implementing the rescue program) and as Health Chair. I currently serve as Annual Awards Chair. I am a past member of the SSCA Board of Directors. I also helped author Sourcebook V and Sourcebook VI. Roy has done the SSCA Specialty Website for 8 specialties - donating his time and talent. He is now the web master for the SSCA site. I have judged at obedience matches for UKC and 4-H. I also judged the Miniature Schnauzer local specialty sweepstakes. I have stewarded in conformation, obedience, agility and rally plus I have served multiple times as Agility Trial Chair, Chief Ring Steward, Hospitality Chair, and Trophy Chair. We even show cased our SS at the Garden and Home Show AND the Pet Expo, several years running, answering questions about the breed, demonstrating correct conformation, obedience, and agility. We have participated in SUPERDOGS as part of the Western Stock Show, meeting and greeting the audience after the performances. I have given a breed seminar on the Standard Schnauzer during an all breed kennel club show. I also participated in a "Meet The Breed" during another all breed kennel club show. We also help out with local rescue when needed. I am the list moderator of the YAHOO StdSchnauzer list, the StdSchnauzer Breeder list and the MHAC_Agility list.

We are excited to receive several acknowledgements from the American Kennel Club. . .
                                    Silver Recognition       Grand Champion Recognition
                                     Bred-By Silver Medallion                   Grand Champion Medallion
                                                                                                    (One of the first 10 in the breed to complete this                                                                                                                         new title and FIRST owner handled in the breed)
                                          click here for info on AKC Breeder of Merit   Breeder of Merit
                                          We are welcomed into the Breeder of Merit program!

{Ruth Inman Award}

We are estatic to have been the recipients of the Standard Schnauzer Club of America's Ruth Inman Award for 2011!

"The individual(s) qualified to receive this award are SSCA members who volunteer quietly behind the scenes to further the SSCA and who have contributed to the Club in unselfish ways over a long period of time. They are the members who can be counted upon to do the sometimes difficult, often-thankless tasks upon which the club depends.
This award honors those special Standard Schnauzer Club of America members who, like Ruth Inman, give of themselves for the welfare and the future of Standard Schnauzers and in support of the SSCA.
The folks honored this year have supported and helped the SSCA for many years to better the lot of the Standard Schnauzer."

We breed occasionally with health and temperament being most important to us. All of our dogs have multiple health clearances such as OFA hips and elbows, eye CERF, OFA cardio, thyroid, etc. The SSCA has now become a part of AKC CHIC program and you will notice that most of our dogs are participants. Puppies are raised in our home and socialization is very important to our litters. Our interest in and commitment to our puppies does NOT end at the time of placement. We ask that the new owners keep us appraised of their puppy's growth, development, temperament, physical health, and conformation for the life of the dog. . . and send pictures often! We look at each and every puppy as an extension of the Himmlisch Standard Schnauzer family.
                                                          Pedigree indicates what the dog should be
                                                          Conformation indicates what the dog appears to be
                                                          Performance indicates what the dog actually is
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My professional expertise is in business administration and information systems with a degree in Business. I am fortunate to now be able to dedicate all of my time to our dogs. Roy is a web site designer/developer with a degree in Aeronautical Engineering and graduate studies in Applied Mathematics.

Thanks again for visiting our web site. . .please contact us if you have any questions or comments.

Kathi and Roy and our wonderful Standard Schnauzers

{Kathi and Roy}

Put'en on the ritz for the captain's dinner on a Panama Canal Cruise in November 1997.

White Water Rafting.

{Warm Springs - Yampa}

Yampa River in Dinosaur National Monument, Warm Springs - class VIII rapid - May 1983

{Gear up on Eagle}

Loading the raft for the Eagle River in CO for 2 class III rapids and 1 class IV rapids.

We love to pamper our pups.

{Kathi and Roy sleep where?}

Clockwise starting at the upper right: Korie, Himel, Aaron and YD. Kathi and Roy sleep in the kennels in the background.

Activities with our " kids ".
We are VERY proud of the accomplishments of our Standard Schnauzers.
We would like to share with you the ribbons and trophies that Himel, Aaron and YD have earned to date.

{Himel, another win for Me !!!}

Himel gets a Best of Breed in Phoenix, AZ.

{Aaron mak'en it look easy}

Aaron as a young pup on a training jump.

Traveling in style in the Weizer Wagon.

{Puppies in side}

Arriving at Annie's home in Cleveland, OH.

{Back end of the Weizer wagon}

The Weizer Wagon. Tire cover, by Uncle Dave, is a portrait of Himel.

Family History and the Neighborhood.

{Family Heritage}

This is the Dvorak Museum in Prague, in the Czech Republic. It was taken by photo-journalist Jenn Dvorak (my niece) while on assignment for the US Air Force. According to my Grandfather Joseph Dvorak, he was a first cousin to the composer! This would make me a third cousin to the great composer.

{In the country, NOT !}

Contrary to what you may think, our home is just out of the picture to the right. This photo was taken on a bright February day. The picture was taken with Kodak ASA 400 film with a Minolta x700 camera at 1/500 looking straight into the sun. The golf course turned their sprinkler system on this day - 2 weeks later we had a serious deep freeze.

{In the back woodsie owl, NOT !} {In the back woodsie owl, NOT !}

Two owls have taken up residence in the canal area and around our home. These photos
were taken in March 2005. We can honestly say that we have the neighborhood hooters. We believe that they have taken over an old Magpie nest in an evergreen tree just outside of our bedroom window.

Another "boring" sunset outside our front window - Friday, March 11, 2005.
Pictures taken with the new digital camera - thanks Mom and Dad !

{vulture in back tree} {fox making its self at home}

(left) May 8, 2010 - There were actually a half dozen vultures in the tree behind our house.
(right) May 12, 2010 - This bold fox decided lying in our back yard was a good place to be.

{coyote on cannel road}

December 30, 2012 - This beautiful coyote was standing on the cannel road by the house.

{mama racoon} {2 of the 3 babies}

June 20, 2013 - Mama racoon on left and two of her three babies on the right.
They set up housekeeping in our attic for a bit but are gone now.

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