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Himmlish Standard Schnauzers is offering agility, rally, and obedience equipment for your own personal agility course. The equipment adheres to the AKC constraints for dimensions regarding jump widths and heights. The selection is limited at this time, but keep watching for new equipment as the number of items grows.  Large items, such as the dog walk or A-frame or 1" PVC pipe instead of the standard ¾", are custom orders. The numbers in brackets are explained after the table.  Click on an item with a dot in the table to obtain more information on that item.

The letter in brackets next to the price indicates the handling cost of the item. See the bottom of the table for the exact handling cost. In addition to the handling cost, there is also the shipping cost, which I pass on directly to you. I do not know the exact shipping cost until the item is packaged and delivered to the shipper.

This web page was last updated on Saturday, April 8, 2006.
Prices affective as of April 8, 2006.

  8 foot A-frame $300.00 [E]
8 foot A-frame not painted. $270.00 [E]
I do not make a 9 foot A-frame (sorry).  
  36 inch Dog Walk - 8 foot sections $299.00 [E]
36 inch Dog Walk with 24 inch training height. $349.00 [E]
  48 inch Dog Walk - 12 foot sections $389.00 [E]
48 inch Dog Walk with a 36 inch training height $439.00 [E]
  Pause Table - painted [1] $99.00 [B]
Pause Table - not painted [1] $79.00 [B]
  Seesaw [Teeter] Base and Plank $250.00 [C]
Seesaw [Teeter] Plank [7] $150.00 [C]
Seesaw [Teeter] Plank - not painted [7] $135.00 [B]
Seesaw [Teeter] Base [7] $100.00 [B]
Seesaw [Teeter] Base - not painted [7]   $85.00 [B]
  LongBroad Jump  
Four 8" wood panels [set only] $79.00 [A]
Five 6" wood panels [set only] $89.00 [A]
  Panel Jump [6] $79.00 [A]
  Single Bar Jump - ¾ PVC [5] $27.00 [A]
  Single Bar Jump - 1 " PVC [5] $49.00 [A]
  Double Oxer [Double Bar] Jump [5] $69.00 [A]
  Triple Bar Jump [5] $94.00 [A]
  Tire Jump $90.00 [B]
  Training Tire Jump $49.00 [B]
  6 Pole Training Weaves[2] [3] $44.00 [A]
12 Pole Training Weaves $79.00 [A]
  12 Channel Weave Poles $89.00 [A]
6 Channel Weave Poles $49.00 [A]
  Jump Wings - each $29.00 [A]
Jump Wings - set of 2 $49.00 [A]
Jump Wings - set of 4 $79.00 [B]
  Training Funnel - 2 vertical panels $29.00 [A]
  Training Arch $10.00 [A]
  Adjustable Training Arch $30.00 [A]
  Marker Poles - each $5.00 [A]
  ¾ inch Bar Supports [cup hooks] - set of 2 $1.00 [G]
  1 inch Bar Supports - set of 2 $2.00 [G]
  Contact Trainer - 4 foot $169.00 [C]
Contact Trainer - 5 foot $189.00 [C]
  No Brainer Trainer $40.00 [B]
  Buja Board $44.00 [F]
  Training Tire $49.00 [B]
  Leash Holder $25.00 [A]
  Agility for the Office  
A-frame with pen. $32.50 [A]
Teeter-tauter with pen. $32.50 [A]
Dogwalk with pen. $32.50 [A]
Barjump with clip. $20.00 [A]
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Please Note:

Unless specified otherwise, all material is white PVC schedule 40, ¾ pipe
  - inside diameter ¾, outside diameter is 1".
[1] The pause table is constructed with 2" PVC.  The table top is ½ inch plywood.
     Please specify your height.
[5] All bar jumps include two colors of tape on the horizontal jump bars.
[6] Each panel is just over 4" in length and overhangs on the one just below it.   There are 6 panels included.
[7] The bar that the teeter pivots on is not included when the plank or base is ordered separately.
     Add an additional $5.00 if you want the bar.

Handling Costs:

[A] $5.00
[B] $10.00
[C] $15.00
[D] $20.00
[E] Special Case - email me for a quote
[F] Will not ship
[G] No Charge

Shipping Costs:

I pass the exact shipping cost on to you. This page shows you some of the shipping costs on a few items.

To place an order, call Roy at 303-465-2820 or
Or write to me at:
            Roy F. Dvorak
            4665 West 102nd Place
            Westminster, CO 80031-2139

Please indicate:

  • What piece of equipment you want.
  • How many you want.
  • Do you want the item [e.g. Seesaw base] painted.
  • What color of tape you want on the poles, etc.

I do not have facilities for e-commerce or credit cards. Therefore, I can only accept checks or cash at the time of delivery. I will deliver in the greater Denver area [ up to a 35 mile radius of 104th and Sheridan ] at no charge.

Outside of this perimeter, I will add whatever shipping costs I am charged.

For large items that require freight shipping, I require a deposit of 30% of the total cost - shipping plus item cost.

Select two (2) color for the tape for the jump bars: red or brown or green or blue or yellow or purple or orange

Contact areas are yellow and non-contact areas are blue.


DVORAK's agility guarantees to deliver or ship the item as described on the following web pages. Materials are hand picked from the best available at either Home Depot or Lowe's hardware stores. I have no promise from these merchants that the materials used in my agility equipment will withstand adverse conditions. These adverse conditions would include, but are not limited to, use other than intended, uncovered items left outside in the weather, etc. I also have no control over the shipping company. The shipping containers are constructed to accommodate items but breakage, etc. should be dealt with directly by you and the shipping company used.

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