May 2003 - Bloomington Illinois Trip


Thanks to our dear friends Lynne and Barry, and also Marilyn and Jean, who made it possible for us to venture to Bloomington Illinois for the Prairieland Standard Schnauzer Club's first annual specialty. The show site was wonderful, people fun and supportive, and seminars great!

First time in the ring (May 23) at just 9 months old, Madison (Himmlisch Cosmic Ocean) took a 4-point major by going Best of Winners. Not to be out done by his daughter, Aaron
(INT/AM/CAN/UKC CH Chefhaus Taragon V Himmlisch, OA, AXJ, CGC, U-AG1)
was awarded Best in Veteran Sweepstakes (May 25) at the ripe young age of 8 1/2 years.

What a wonderful trip we had. . .we hope you enjoy some of the photos. . .

This is a small private camp site at Lake Mahoney in North Platte, Nebraska. We stayed here last year on the way to the Dvorak family reunion and wanted to return. This was our first night stop (May 19) and also the last night on the road stop (May 27).

Our second night on the road (May 20) was at Sleepy Hollow Campground in Oxford, Iowa. This is one of those campgrounds you have to see to believe. . .friendly folks, well maintained and cared for. Roy is walking two of the kids down by the lagoon. We also stopped here on the way home (May 26).

Nova left and Madison right watching the geese. Where's the judge when you need em?

One of the many families of Canadian geese in Sleepy Hollow.

We overheard two Texans, who never saw Canadian geese before, discussing what the creatures really were.
The discussion went something like this:
Texan1 - M R Ducks
Texan2 - M R not
Texan1 - Oh Ss A R,   C M wings
Texan1 - M R Ducks

Another family of Canadian geese. You can see some of the antique farm equipment in the background.

We spent one night at Lynne and Barry's home (May 21) before heading to the show site.

Lynne and Barry's beautiful backyard.

Lynne and Barry grooming Jack for his first show. Photo by Mike Flood.

Jackson is ready for some action! Photo by Mike Flood.

Friday May 23- Madison receives a 4-point major.


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