Gemma's New Home Pictures

{Royal travel map.}
{Royal travel arrangements for Gemma} {Mt. Hood. Gemma wants to climb it.}
{The new momma.} {My new parents.}
{Stay there, dog. I will get it.} {Youse guys think this will work?}
{My ball now, not yours.} {I always barked: nothing like a good chew.}
{What I call comfortable.}
{My chew ... no my chew ... no my chew ...} {A couple of CUTE girls.}
{A garlic tug of war with Dad.} {The queen on stump 1.}
{The queen on stump 2.} {The personification of cuteness at 5 1/2 months old!}
{I promise not to fall on you Rivke} {Gemma playing with her friend Tristen}

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