AM/CAN/UKC CH. Geistvoll Magellan Ofn Himel, AKC/UKC CD, CGC, AAD
November 19, 1989 - September 15, 2003
OFA (Hips) SC-1846G24M-T, CERF (Eyes) SC-194/2000-122
DNA Profile # V58369
International Star Registry - star number Orion RA 5h 13m 25s - D14º 23' 0"
Inbreeding Coefficient = 21.29%  (full pedigree information was available for 8 full generations)

Geistvoll Magellan Ofn Himel was named after the Magellan spacecraft that went to Jupiter. His name translated means "Magellan in the open skys" or "Magellan in the open heavens". We affectionately called him Himmy Dimmers. He was our first show dog and did very well his first time in the show ring taking a 5 point major and a 4 point major back to back. This accomplishment is a rarity in the Standard Schnauzer world for a first time novice handler in the ring. He finished his AKC championship a couple days after his first birthday !

Himel held the American Kennel Club, Canadian Kennel Club and United Kennel Club (UKC) champion titles. He earned the titles of Canine Good Citizen, AKC Companion Dog, United Kennel Club Companion Dog, and American Agility Association Advanced Agility Dog. He was the proud daddy of Aaron.

He became the doctor around the house. While thinning trees in the back yard one day, Himel very astutely watched a 4 inch branch fall slowly to the ground. It made many of the creaking sounds that a broken tree limb would. Once the limb fell to the ground, he studied it, he sniffed very carefully, and then marked it. He knew, beyond a doubt, that when a tree falls in the forest, it does make a noise. Hence, his nick name of the Philosophical Himmy Dimmers or PhD, the doctor.

Himel took a page out of the "doing things" book that his older "sisters" wrote and went rafting. However, unlike his older sisters, he wrote a story about his rafting adventure . After retiring from the show ring, he hung around the backyard to chase the squirrels. Check out Himel's picture page . While you are perusing, examine his pedigree .

The Himel Program  is a computer program that tracks the winning dogs in the working group from 1992 thru 1998.

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