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Over the last several years, we have done extensive reading and research into epilepsy and topics that are related to epilepsy in an indirect or direct way. We wrote several articles on conditions that may cause epilepsy and how those conditions relate to Korie.

The article on test breeding discusses the problems of a test breeding and the support required to get involved with a legitimate test breeding.

The article on genetics (when completed) tries to solve a genetic statistics problem.

The article on ethics is interesting since it maps out the subconscious thought process that one goes through to make a decision. This thought process is then applied to a breeder in their decision to mate 2 dogs.

As the "parent" of an epileptic, our lives have changed by the introduction of something that somewhat controls us. Over the last several years, we have learned to control Korie's, epilepsy, but not without a struggle.
This article The Fears of Epilepsy illustrates what the owner of an epileptic must overcome to live with their epi kid.

The links or web sites section will take the surfer to other sites that are related to canine epilepsy and some extremely interesting reading, and other canine related sites.

The book page lists some good reading material. The subjects vary from breeding, genetics, holistic treatment, epilepsy, animal neurology and general animal health care. Korie has most of them in her library.

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