Preston becomes an International Champion


The following is a description of an International (European Style) Dog Show taken from the Catalogue of Events at the March 24 & March 25, 2007 Rocky Mountain Spring Sieger in Loveland, Colorado. At this particular event, there were 4 shows in 2 days. For a dog to receive an International Championship, it must receive 3 rankings of V-1 (very excellent - top rating for adult class) by three judges of two different countries.

"The International All-Breed Canine Association of America (IABCA) began approximately fifteen years ago with the intent of making an International "UCI" Championship Title available to the American public while not exposing the dogs to the danger and inconvenience of international travel. To accomplish this, an association was formed with an International Association of dog clubs headquartered in Germany, the Union Cynologie International (UCI). The UCI organization has been in existence for over 30 years. There are many countries, throughout Europe, North America and the Far East, represented in the association. Through UCI, International Titles are awarded to dogs who meet the requirements."

"IABCA shows are held in accordance with the German regulations and guidelines that have been established by UCI. The guidelines provide for a WRITTEN CRITIQUE OF EACH DOG ENTERED and a rating number of how well the dog conforms to the International "UCI" breed standard. The rating a dog received, based on the critique, will determine the type of championship certificate, if any, is awarded in the class. Each dog will receive an "URKUNDE" (certificate of participation) with it's class placement noted. NOTE: The International "UCI" standards are based on the "country of origin" for each breed, if possible."

The following is Preston's Judges Reports for all four shows:

Show 1 -
Ms. Patti L. Smith
Show 2 -
Mr. Charles Bett
Show 3 -
Mr. John Rowton
Show 4 -
Mrs. Michelle Rowton
Well balanced and put together
Excellent breed type, robust, moves well
Lovely correct size
Very pleasing dog with excellent breed type
Overall Impression
Quality ! Alert temperment, ready to go.
Well shown, keen expression.
Nice breed type.
Outstanding side gait.
Good coat and condition.
Tight, wirey.
Lovely hard coat.
Correct texture and color.
Male head, mustach and eyebrow.
Rectangular, well balanced.
Very nice head planes.
Of correct shape and proportions.
Bite, mouth
Scissors bite with good dentition.
Dark, well set.
Good color and shape.
High set.
High, set erect.
Nice set.
Well set and carried.
To elbow for chest.
Good forechest.
Nice depth.
Good depth and forechest, good rib spring.
Front Angulation
Medium bone and feet.
Well laid back.
Good lay back.
Shoulder well laid back. Good return of upper arm.
Back Angulation
Compliments front.
Good angulation.
Well angulated, strong in action.
Top Line
Level, straight and strong.
Good with nice short loin.
Strong and level top line.
Set a bit high.
Correctly set.
Well set and carried.
Light and fluid.
Level, moves out well.
Nice rear and side gait.
Great side movement. Good on go away.
V-1 and Best of Breed
V-1 and Best of Breed
V-1 and Best of Breed
V-1 and Best of Breed
Group Results
Group 2
nice look
Group 1
Mr. Charles Bett,
Ms. Patti L. Smith,
Ms. Jane Roppolo
Group 2

Here is an example of what a "URKUNDE" (certificate of participation) looks like.
Preston received a V-1 Rating plus Best of Breed at all four shows.


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