Madison and Liebe's Nursery

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The living room and dining room (also known as my training room) has been transformed into the nursery for Madison and Liebe. I was even able to keep a jump, 6 weave poles, tunnel and pause table in there so the others can continue to practice. I have a bed set up and on the table will be the computer once we bring it downstairs.
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Madison left (with star background to concide with her "star" theme) and
Liebe right (with heart background to coincide with her "love" theme) try out their new digs complete with stuffed schnauzers.
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From the nursery looking back to the training room. . . right picture of the two nurseries.
That is Nova sitting between the nurseries and the girl's mama YD. Everyone helped get things set up. . .they know something is up. YD is the funniest spending time laying in each nursery. . . I hope she is telling her girls how to be good mama dogs!
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Madison is really getting big - she is about day 53. This is the ribbon that will mark her babies who will be here close to July 4.
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Liebe is on day 41 so not nearly as big as Madison yet. This is the ribbon that will mark her babies.

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