Cedar Hills Darling Greta

May 4, 2007 - 16 ½ weeks old - having fun in puppy class and totally house trained.

May 16, 2007 - 18 ½ weeks old - Greta graduates from Puppy Kindergarten.


ANNOUNCING........The Valedictorian of Blue Springs Dog Training's May 2007 Puppy Kindergarten.......CEDAR HILLS DARLING GRETA!!!!! A decisive victory in the first event, "Musical Chairs" where Greta performed a flawless sit, down, rollover, and the final stage, holding a sit while her handler rolls over was just the beginning for this young prodigy. That, along with a win in the "come", where she was 2 SECONDS ahead of her closest competitor was enough to ensure her place at top of the class. Many of you may recall that when the "come" was first played at Puppy Kindergarten, Greta did not even finish. What a champ! As if first place wasn't enough she also tied for most improved puppy of the class, with a Portugese Water Dog named "Skipper".

Yes, this certainly is a bright start to what may be a wonderful career. When asked to comment on her decisive victory, Greta was heard to say "WOOF" which means, "No big deal, I'll do anything for a Turkey hot dog". Will she live up to the hype? Only time will tell. Junior Beginners class starts in June, will she excel there too? Hard questions that will be answered as time goes on. But to be sure, she certainly is "Leader of the Pack" today. Greta was spotted soon after the competition with her 1st Place ribbon and new doggy toy, which she won, tearing them both to shreds....and grinning (or was that me?)

Brodie & Mindy

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