Cedar Hills Darling Greta

This is what I call a real schnauzer. . .
on Tuesday, August 14, 2007 Greta graduates from her Junior Beginners obedience class -
finishing second in her class out of eight dogs. . .
on Saturday, August 18, 2007 Greta and her "Daddy" Brodie hike one of Colorado's 14ers !!!
      (hold mouse on the picture to read Greta's comments about her hike)

Is that a Marmot over there??? Greta wanted me for lunch I'm a mountaineer!
7 months old and a 14er under her collar already !

How far up are we?!? WOW 14,100 ft. - No biggie
Mount Evans is 14,100 feet !

On top of the world Are these large dogs that I can play with?
We are on top of the world.

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