Preston X PJ News / Picture Link Page

PJ Comes to Colorado.

Preston and PJ Second Honeymoon Pictures.

Preston and PJ have been bred.

Ultrasound on 10/08/07 confirmed PJ is in whelp . . . puppies due November 9, 2007.

PJ's puppies will be here soon . . .pictures taken 11/07/07.

The puppies have arrived on 11/09/07. . .3 boys and 4 girls. . .everyone is doing well.

One Week Old

Two Weeks Old

Three Weeks Old

Four Weeks Old

Five Weeks Old

Six Weeks Old

Seven Weeks Old

Seven and a half Weeks Old

Index pages to puppies in their new homes. . .

Gershwin (formerly Mr. Teal)
Cricket (formerly Miss Pink)
Tilly (formerly Miss Light Blue)
Breck (formerly Mr. Red)
Sofie-J (formerly Miss Green)
Eli (formerly Mr. Dark Blue)
Ellie (formerly Miss Yellow)

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