New Puppy Park


The rock that Madison ate. . .

On Wednesday, April 30, 2003, our 8 month old puppy, Madison, had surgery to remove a rock (river rock size) from her tummy! We were concerned that she might do it again so decided to put in a special yard for the kids to use when they aren't supervised in the big backyard.

Picture of the back of our home. We have removed five large bushes and are beginning to level the ground.

Nova and YD try to figure out why Madison is in a safe place. . .this picture was taken on Saturday, May 3rd just three days after her surgery.

We used commercial grade ground cloth. This is the beginning of the pea gravel - 3 yards worth (which is more passable through a puppy).

The posts are set and we are starting to put the pickets up. The puppy park has 3 inches of gravel in it.

Fencing is up on the inside. The gate is still missing in this shot. We have put in a flagstone walkway from the house to the gate which leads to the big backyard.

Picture from the bbq area looking toward the house. You can see that the kids can still use their doggie door. That is Aaron hanging out by the soon-to-be gate.

Picture from the backyard looking at the puppy park. The hanging flowers were from Madison's Mum-Mum and Pop-Pop as a get well soon gift. The fence showing is 3 feet tall. We have now put pickets on the yard side which are 41 inches tall. . .the gate is also done. . .check back for more pictures.

The fence is complete with pickets up on the yard side too.

From the back yard looking at the fence. . . turned out good!

Himel waiting for someone to open the gate.

Plant hangers Roy made for the puppy park.

We screened the door and added a grille so the pups wouldn't use it for a doggie door.

Aaron and HIS new fire hydrant that Mum-Mum gave him.


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