Geistvoll Gutenschniken
October 8, 1984 - February 1, 1999
CERF (Eyes) SC-260/96-144
International Star Registry - star number Canis Minor RA 7h 7m 43s - D8º 44' 0"
Inbreeding Coefficient = 18.86%  (full pedigree information was available for 7 full generations)

Geistvoll Gutenschniken was affectionately known as Schniken. Her name is composed of "Guten" from Gutenberg, the inventor of the printer and "schniken" a sweet cinnamon roll which we know of as a sticky bun. Like Weizer, she was an accomplished traveler. She loved water and almost floated away on the Eagle River in Colorado, if it were not for the leash attached to her. She was an accomplished squirrel chaser too.

You can look at Schniken's Pictures here.

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