Monday, January 16, 2012 and Tuesday, January 17, 2012

{Super Nova}

{Super Nova and Kathi}

Nova and I were invited to participate in the SUPERDOGS show again this year. It is held during the National Western Stock Show.

SUPERDOGS is a production out of Canada whose moto is "The Most Fun on Four Legs"! Their web site goes on to state: "For the past four decades, the SUPERDOGS Show has thrilled over 35 million dog lovers in one of North America's premiere live events. Only the SUPERDOGS Show stars 'man's best friend' in a stunning performance that enthralls audiences of all ages."

Nova and I had a   B L A S T   doing the show on Monday and Tuesday. Monday was a sold out crowd (even the obstructed seats sold) for a total of 4,777 people in attendance. Tuesday didn't fill but I would guess there was still about 4,000 in attendance. It was, however, a VERY exhausting experience with practice on Sunday until midnight . . .getting to the show 2 hours early each day for team meetings and then staying after to allow the public time to "Meet and Greet" the SUPERDOGS. Nova did fantastic with all the lights, loud music, ecstatic crowds, and crazy herding dogs running around. He was a great ambassador for the breed in the "Meet and Greets" - even when being mauled by the kids. Nova must have had his picture taken a couple doze times with the children.

The cutest comment by one of the children was a little girl about 3 or 4 years old. She was loving on Nova and telling him how much she loved his beard and mustache. Then she stood back and said "Nova is a boy right?" at which point I answered yes. Then she said "do girls have a beard and mustache too?" It was absolutely priceless. . . you could just see how she was processing the whole thing.

Hope you enjoy the pictures from our show. . .

Practice on Sunday night at the National Western Stock show.

{Set up} {Set up}
The show is being set up.

{Set up}
The cast arrives and sets up back stage before the show.

{The cast}
Cast of SUPERDOGS 2012. Nova and I are in the back row - second from the right - in front of the R.

{Super Nova and Kathi}

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