Here are a few of the many comments regarding Korie's video
that we have received from all over the world.
{All Over the world}

January 2008, Australia . . . I have learnt so much from it. My biggest worry was that every time I read anyting about seizures it said nothing about the fact that the dog can stop breathing but your video was so informative & it did say the dog can stop breathing for a short time. . . For Korie I will never forget her & she will be in my thoughts from this day forward.
September 2007, England I showed the video to my work colleges as part of an Epilepsy presentation that I put together and your video made all the difference. People were able to SEE exactly what animals go through when they have a seizure. . .This video is a credit to you and I'm sure Korie would of been very thank full for you being there to help her through it.
August 2007, Virginia The video was a wonderful documentary. I was very impressed with the discussion on epilepsy and its causes, and the non-judemental stance for the breeders. I think it has a powerful message. Thanks again. . .ATCA Health Co-Chair
March 2007, New Zealand I have shown Korie's video to my Veterinary Nursing students, none of whom had seen a seizure previously. They and I are very grateful for the effort you have gone to in making and distributing the video of Korie, and we found it very touchintg as well as informative. Many Thanks.
January 2003, Red Bank, NJ I am a veterinary neurologist in Red Bank New Jersey. . . I realized that I saw a videotape of your dog while I was a veterinary student at Cornell from 1991-1995. Dr. deLahunta showed us your tape and it was an extremely valuable tool for me as a veterinary student. Now as a veterinary neurologist I was hoping to be able to get a copy of your tape to share with clients that are going through some of the same issues you already have encountered.
December 2002, Greentown, PA I would like to thank you for the Canine Epilepsy video. . . my project was very successful. . . the video was very helpful, and many of my classmates became interested in seizures in animals.
September 2001, Melborne Austrailia Thank you very much for sending me Korie's video. My presentation, which I gave on Friday 21 September with two colleagues, was titled "Seizures: Diagnosis and Management". It was a major component of my assessment for my Small Animal Medicine elective in my final year of Veterinary Science. Korie's story was perfect to illustrate the process of managing a dog with seizures. Korie's video was very accurate and professionally made. As a veterinary student, I have never seen a dog have a seizure and although the footage of Korie having a seizure was unsettling, it was very valuable footage from an educational point of view. I have passed on Kories video to the Senior Lecturer in Small Animal Medicine who gives our Clinical Neurology lecture series at Melborne University. I am sure he will find Korie's video a valuable tool in educating students in the Veterinary Science course.
September 2001, Winslow, Maine What can I say? The video is the greatest tool in educating others about our Epi-Kids. . . No words can express the gratitude I feel having found someone as dedicated as you in helping to someday put an end to all of this.
June 2000, Houston, TX I can't tell you how much you and Korie have helped us. The boys were stunned and we all cried as we watched and heard all what you all have been through.
May 2000, New Rochelle, NY I can't thank you enough for your extremely informative and sensitive video. You are doing a great service to the EPI community through your video and website.
April 2000, Des Plaines, IL I do recommend that video tape ... watch it with the people who have never seen a seizure so that you can talk about it.
December 1999, North Dakota State University, Fargo, ND This movie is a great teaching tool and I plan to give it to the school so they can use it to teach future students. . . I just hope that with your movie and my presentation, that my classmates will take something away with them, and continue the chain of helping others understand canine epilepsy.
November 1999, Seattle, WA I appreciate your efforts to educate and support people like me.
November 1999, Essex, England . . . you and Korie have made such an impact over here in Great Britain.
November 1999, Switzerland . . . I can not express enough how impressed I am how you have done that video, congratulation. (sic) Of course it brought tears to my eyes by watching poor Kori (sic) when seizing. The whole world appreciates it alot.
August 1999, Atlanta, GA Everyone got to watch her dog thrash and bite and then walk into things! I know ... not a pretty sight but the Dvorak's would be proud that their video is being used by such an esteemed individual. (reference to Dr. Thomas DVM).
August 1999,
Univ of Tenn.
I would like to show some videos of different types of seizures in dogs and, with your permission, would like to include a portion of Korie's videotape on epilepsy.
Dr. W. B. Thomas DVM
Diplomat ACVIM (Neurology)
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
July 1999, Hong Kong, China It was very informative and very well produced. Korie is so lovely. I admire your courage and determination.
June 1999, Efrat, Israel Thank you for your valuable film.
May 1999, Ukiah, CA Although not a pleasant subject matter, I was impressed with the entire production.
May 1999, Ontario, Canada We have passed the video on to our vet and he has found it educational as well.
February 1999, Texas A&M Univ. Dr. Boothe has shown Korie's tape to children as part of an educational project she is doing with them.
February 1999 Southern Oregon Coast EPIL-K9 list member . . . The video from Kathy and Roy was the turning point and the first hope that we had.
January 1999, Corona, CA We have loaned this tape to our veterinarian, who has also shown the video to one of his patients. The tape is very informative.
January 1999, Ft. Collins, CO Thank you both in your efforts in this fine production. I'm sure (as in my case) it has helped many owners of epileptic dogs face the hard decisions they must consider during treatment of this condition.
June 1998, Johannesburg, South Africa Thanks very much - I would also like to pass it on to my vet ...
May 1998 Victoria, Australia I'm lost for words. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. The information I have learnt (sic) from your narration is invaluable.
May 1998 Dallas, TX Thank you so much for donating your tape of Korie so that others can learn. The S.P.C.A. will make good use of this tape to educate pet owners and it will be available for research purposes too.
April 1998, Helsinki, Finland I've been in contact with the Finnish Kennel Club (main dog organization in Finland) and they are very interested in the video ...
February 1998 Mamotick, Ontario, Can I agree with all of the other reviewers - well done! This is an excellent teaching tool and I hope to have other opportunities to educate as many as possible.
February 1998 Houston, TX I have to say that you did an excellent job on the tape, and also on self control. That is my biggest admiration for you, was that you could tape it, ...
February 1998 Los Angeles, CA We thought it was very professionally done, and informative. We understand now why the Universities employ it as an instructional tool.
January 1998 Denton, TX Excellent job on the video. This will make a good educational program for my Collie club.
January 1998 Greensboro, NC It was very interesting and informative. The first seizure was almost identical to Spencer's.
January 1998 Bethelem, PA The tape you made is quite terrific. I was impressed by all the knowledge you managed to pack into a sixteen-minute video.
November 1997, St. Louis, MO In a presentation of a film on canine epilepsy to the AKC delegates in 1997, when the group was asked how many of them had experience with a dog with epilepsy over half of the audience raised their hands.
November 1997 Winnebago, IL I found the video to be of utmost professionalism. I do hope it helps educate many in the years to come.
October 1997 Medford, MA I would like to congratulate you on the very fine work you did on your epilepsy video. Your coverage of this terrible condition is professional and informative and I admire you for your courage in producing it in the face of the powerful opposition within the Club.
October 1997 Oklahoma City, OK The video is beautifully done and very informative.
October 1997 Dallas, TX It was done with a great deal of compassion and so informative. It is very impressive and I would like to share it with others.
September 1997 Talahassee, FL The educational tape made by Kathi and Roy Dvorak was ENORMOUSLY helpful for training my interviewers. The interviewers said that seeing the seizures on video was worth a thousand descriptions.
(Case study interviewers at Florida State University)
July 1997 Addison, IL The tape was excellent. It was very professional. Not at all what I was expecting of a home video.
July 1997 Houston, TX It is very well done and very courageous of you to do.
July 1997, Versailles, KY I showed Korie's videotape to the local Springer Club meeting Thursday night. Everyone watched in silence. When it was finished, everyone sat quietly for a long time, then someone said "wow".
June 1997 Espanola, NM ... a thank you for the wonderful video on epilepsy. As you so kindly donated it to Marion Mitchell, she passed it on to the Dalmatian Club of America video library.
June 1997 Stockton, CA Our concerns are misinformation in the video . . .
President of the Standard Schnauzer Club of America.
May 1997 Los Alamos, NM Watched it last night and thought it was great!!!!! If such a subject can be called great.:(
May 1997 Essex, England We showed your video and whilst everyone agreed it was quite distressing, they were all most emphatic that they had gained a great deal of benefit from watching poor Korie.
May 1997 Norwich, CT Your video is great. I took it to the local AKC meeting last week. It was well received and aroused many good questions.
March 1997 Davis, CA After I watched it I ran it right over to my vet for her to keep and to share with other owners starting out on the *seizure trail* . Your work will help so many others.
March 1997 Lake Forrest Park, WA This is a powerful and yet easy to understand video. I plan to keep it in my library to lend out to those who encounter animal (canine & feline) epilepsy in their lives.
February 1997 DeWinton, Alberta, Can We were very impressed with this video and feel that it will be an extremely valuable tool in educating breeders, dog owners and animal health care workers on the issue of epilepsy.
February 1997 Ovid, NY Well, again good luck and thank you for your good work - many dog breeders will thank you in the future.
February 1997 Germany We watched the video twice over the weekend. Just can't say enough good about it. I like the way you concentrated on the dogs.
January 1997 Texas A&M University It is one thing to read about what goes on during a seizure and have a mental picture created, it is completely different seeing one take place. Thanks for giving me a little more insight as well.
January 1997 North Haven, CT I got the video and think it is JUST WONDERFUL! What a great job. Really good explanation of a seizure that regular people understand.
January 1997 Richmond, CA I think that the tape gives insight to what people and their dogs live through without being overly graphic. Great job ...
January 1997 Florida State University Talahassee, FL You also did an excellent job of presenting the implications of epilepsy for breeders. You do not in any way condemn the breeders for unintentionally producing dogs with epilepsy; yet you drive home the importance of taking this into consideration ...
December 1996 Cincinnati, OH The tape should be viewed by all Breeders certainly not confined to Schnauzers. For that matter not confined to epilepsy. All inherited conditions must be allowed the light of day.
December 1996 University of Illinois I looked at the video, it's great; and I really do have an insight in owner's point of view.
November 1996 Amsterdam, NY I found it very well done. At every point you could have easily been talking about my dog.
October 1996 Cornell University Ithaca, NY The video tape that you recently sent to the college of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University was forwarded to me. I want to tell you that it is an excellent production. It is very personal and at the same time very scientific and accurate. It is an ideal teaching aid to have available to a client who is experiencing the same trauma that you folks did when Korie developed her seizures.

Dr. Alexander deLahunta, DVM PhD, James Law Professor of Anatomy

September 1996 Losone / Ticino, Switzerland As active members of the German & Swiss Schnauzer Clubs (& the SSCA) I shall discuss your video with the Breeding-Directors. I feel you have made a most commendable contribution towards improving the health of the breed ...

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