Geistvoll Fridenweizer
February 5, 1983 - December 8, 1995
International Star Registry - star number 5573RA 10h 32m 41.2s - 16º 57' 32"
Inbreeding Coefficient = 23.99%  (full pedigree information was available for 7 full generations)

Geistvoll Fridenweizer, affectionately known as Weizer, was our first Standard Schnauzer. Her name is composed of "Friden" from Kathi's maiden name of Fridenstine and "weizer" from Budweiser. She was an accomplished traveler in the air, in a car, and in a raft. She accompanied us on many back packing trips and carried her own pack too.

Her favorite past time, which was chasing squirrels, was also her down fall. She injured her back by standing on her hind legs and barking up into the trees at the "visiting" squirrels. However, a bad back did not send her to the rainbow bridge, mouth cancer did.

She was the pack leader and let every new pup that entered our Schnauzer home know that. Check out Weizer's photo gallery.

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