The YD Picture Page - through the years

{YD's litter - just born} {7 weeks old}
{Toy is bigger than her} {Sucking a toy comforts YD}
{Being cool} {Am I beautiful or what?}
{You can't see me.} {I just love toys.}
{These things belong on cars} {It was dark in there}
{I impress judges too!}
{What-cha think'en Mr. Judge person? eh?} {Amazing how those things move!}
{Picture perfect!}
{Moving out with my Dad at the 2001 National} {I'm so cute with my medal on at the 2001 National}
{Am I pretty or what!} {Cute as can be}
{I earned my CGC at the 2001 National} {Novice Agility title and 3 first placements! Aug. 2001}
{ Can you see my snowshoes ?} { My element and my ball }
{ Snuggling in a warm down sleeping bag.}
{ Playing in the snow.} { YD at almost 12 years old.}
{ Unwrapping presents.} { YD loves to play.}
{ May 2010 - YD loves the WW} { Gram YD with daughter Madison and granddaughters Cassi & Autumn }
{Happy 14th Birthday } {Celebrating with the kids}
{Celebrating with the grandkids } {Relaxing with her kids}
{Fall 2011} {Fall 2011}
{Fall 2011} {Checking out the world with granddaughter Autumn}
{Liebe and Aspen turn 6} {November 16 - Kathi and YD}
{15 years young} {15 years and 2 months young}
{Always in my arms.}

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