HIT's Himmlisch Aurora B Geistvoll, UD, RAE, OA, OAJ, NF (ASCA - CD)
(Standard Schnauzer Club of America - Versatility Excellent Award - VX) "Halley"

INT/AM/CAN/UKC CH Chefhaus Taragon V Himmlisch, OA, AXJ, CGC, U-AG1 "Aaron" X
AM/CAN CH Geistvoll Yesterday's Dream, NA, NAJ, CGC "YD"
DOB May 8, 2001
OFA (Hips) prelim good / CERF (Eyes) clear

2002 Standard Schnauzer Club of America National Specialty - High Scoring Dog in Pre-Novice!
2003 SSCA Novice Agility Dog Of The Year!
2004 Prairieland Standard Schnauzer Regional Specialty - High In Trial!
2004 SSCA Novice Obedience Dog Of The Year!


Halley lives in Reno, Nevada with her mom Ladonna, dad Tom and doggie brother Zimmer. Click here to see pictures of Halley's new home .  

Halley has 9 points toward her championship title. As a puppy, she loved to strut her stuff around the ring and went "best puppy in match" at a couple different fun matches. Click here to see pictures of Halley in the breed ring .

At the 2002 SSCA National Specialty in Pleasanton, California October 18-21, 2002, Halley poses with dad Aaron and mom YD. . .what a family reunion . The day of the National, Halley was high scoring dog in pre-novice and she also took first place in the 12-18 month class all four days. {Halley}

Halley made her official debut in the agility ring at the Antioch, California trials in June 2003 and literally burned up the 16 inch class. Halley LOVES agility ! When she is on, she is really on. . . running a standard course in 41 seconds (course time was 63 seconds) is nothing unusual for this girl! Running a 111 yard jumpers course in 19.91 seconds (course time was 40 seconds) is par for Halley!
SSCA ranked Halley as #1 Agility Dog Of The Year 2003 - Novice.

Halley spent some time in the pre-novice ring in obedience before making her debut in Novice B and earning her CD title in style ! Her scores in the Novice ring included 191.5, 193, 193.5 (fourth place), 195 (third place), 195 (first place and HIT), 194.5 (first place), 195.5 (first place), 195.5. We were especially thrilled when Halley took High In Trial at the Prairieland Standard Schnauzer Regional Specialty held in St. Louis, Missouri (Purina Farms) on September 10, 2004.
March 7, 2005 - Truckee Meadows Dog Training Club's Awards Banquet. . .Halley was named 2004 Obedience Dog Of The Year with an average score in Novice B of 197 !!!!
SSCA named Halley as #1 Novice Obedience Dog Of The Year for 2004 with an average score of 195.2 !

January 9, 2005 Halley made her debut in Rally - AKC newest titling event as of 01/01/95. She became one of the first Standard Schnauzers to earn the title of RN (Rally Novice) with scores of 99 - 100 - 99.
On April 9, 2005 Halley earned her RA (Rally Advanced) title in three straight shows. On May 15, 2005 Halley earned her RE (Rally Excellent) title with first and second placements and in three straight shows! Then, on October 8, 2005 Halley earned her RAE (Rally Advanced Excellent) title. The requirements are to have the RE title and then qualify 10 times in both advanced rally and excellent rally at the same show (10 double Q's). Halley (and brother Zimmer) are the first of the breed to obtain this title in the United States! Along the way, Halley and Ladonna were fortunate to have received many placements, and a few perfect scores.

October 23, 2005 - Halley competed in Open A (obedience) with a very large class of 33 entered. Halley not only earned her first leg toward her CDX but took first place with a score of 196.5 ! On April 15, 2006 at the Sacramento Kennel Club Shows in Sacramento, California, Halley completed her Open title and added CDX to her name. The next day she also qualified in Open just for insurance.

March 18, 2006 - Halley completed her OA and OAJ titles in agility. She did this in her usual "Halley style" taking first place in both events ! The standard course time was 63 seconds and Halley completed the course in 39.41 seconds. The jumpers course time was 43 seconds and Halley completed the course in 28 seconds. On to Excellent.

Halley earned her ASCA CD with a High In Trial on September 24, 2006!

On April 7, 2007 at the Yosemite Kennel Club trial, Halley earned her first Utility leg with a first placement. Then, on April 15, 2007, she earned her second Utility leg with a first place at the Sacramento Kennel Club trial! May 13, 2007 Halley earned her third Utility leg and a new title of UD at the Klamath Falls, OR trial! What a great Mother's Day present.

Halley was awarded an honorable mention for obedience in 2006 from Front and Finish !

Halley is recognized by the Standard Schnauzer Club of America with a VERSATILITY AWARD!


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