INT/AM/CAN/UKC CH. Chefhaus Taragon V Himmlisch, OA, AXJ, CGC, U-AG1
- Standard Schnauzer Club of America LEADING PRODUCER -
December 20, 1994 - January 7, 2005
OFA (Hips) SC-2414G24M-T, CERF (Eyes) SC-195/2004-109, OFA (Cardio) SC-CA00001/71M/C-T
vWD 82% (normal level) Idexx Colorado, DNA Profile # V58368
Member International Canine Semen Bank - Brighton, CO
International Star Registry - star number Orion RA 6h 3m 26s - D17º 50' 0"
Inbreeding Coefficient = 5.92%  (full pedigree information was available for 8 full generations)

1999 SSCA National Specialty Stud Dog Winner in Ventura, CA
1999 SSCA Stud Dog of the Year
1999 SSCA #3 Dog of the Year (owner handled!)
1999 Invited to Cleveland Crown Classic in Cleveland, Ohio (Eukanuba sponsored)
2000 Canadian Regional Specialty - Best of Winners in Calgary, Alberta
2000 Canadian National Specialty - Best of Winners in Calgary, Alberta
2000 #3 Standard Schnauzer in Canada (owner handled!)
2000 Front & Finish's Agility Ranking: #5 Novice Standard
2001 SSCA National Specialty Stud Dog Winner in St. Louis, MO
2001 Front & Finish's Agility Rankings: #3 Open Standard;
#7 Novice Jumpers; #3 Open Jumpers; #3 Excellent Jumpers
2002 SSCA National Specialty - Best in Veteran Sweepstakes in Pleasanton, CA
2003 Prairieland SS Club Regional Specialty - Best in Veteran Sweepstakes in Bloomington, IL
2003 Heartland SS Club Regional Specialty - Best of Opposite Sex in Veteran Sweepstakes in MN
SSCA Leading Producer (with 10 champions to date)


Chefhaus Tarragon V Himmlisch, or Aaron McFaron, is Himel's son. He was the all terrain vehicle of the Schnauzer division. He was truly a once in a life time dog!!! Check out the beginning of Aaron and pictures of Aaron through the years. Click here for his pedigree .

We have Aaron stored for the future. . . he banks with the ICSB (International Canine Semen Bank - Colorado Branch) First in frozen assets! He is available at stud to approved bitches.


Aaron holds four different championship titles -
      American Kennel Club (AKC)
      United Kennel Club (UKC)
      Canadian Kennel Club (CKC)
      International All Breed Canine Association (INT)

In 1999 Kathi "specialed" Aaron. . . check out his wins for 1999 .

Aaron was featured in two publications during his 1999 travels. . .

      The Lawrence Journal-World on Saturday, October 16, 1999 AND
      the November 1999 issue of the AKC Gazette - a photo documentary of the
            Heart of the Plains Kennel Club shows held in Lubbock Texas the first part of October.


  Aaron holds five AKC agility titles -
  NA Novice Agility
  NAJ Novice Agility Jumpers
  OA Open Agility
  OAJ Open Agility Jumpers
  AXJ Agility Excellent Jumpers

Most of his "legs" were with placements and several clean runs out of the very competitive 20" class !
Aaron was ranked in the top Standard Schnauzers by Front & Finish for 2000 and 2001.

These pictures are of Aaron doing an AKC "Jumpers" course on April 29, 2001 . These pictures were taken December 1 and 2, 2001 at the AKC Agility Trial in Pueblo Colorado of Aaron and YD. Here are some pictures taken in 2002 of Aaron doing agility .

  Aaron holds one UKC agility title -
  AG1 United Agility 1


Aaron (and YD) earned their Canine Good Citizen (CGC) titles at the SSCA 2001 National Specialty in St. Louis, MO (Purina Farms).

Aaron has also trained in obedience and herding and tracking .

At the 2001 SSCA National Specialty in St. Louis, MO (Purina Farms), Team Obedience was a family affair. Aaron, his daughter Cassidy, his son Zimmer and a friend named Charlie competed.

Aaron appeared on the Schnauzer desk calendar in 2004 .


Aaron is a SSCA Leading Producer with 10 AKC Champions to date. He also has 1 Canadian Champion and 1 International Champion and 1 multi-International Champion. His offspring boast of National/Regional Specialty Wins, HIT's, Multi-Group Placers, American/Candian Obedience Titles, Agility Titles, Herding Titles, Rally Titles, and International Group / BIS's / Gold Cup BIS's.
Aaron is also a grandfather. . . Two of his daughters have had litters of their own with Champions plus Agility, Rally, Herding Title Holders AND specialty winners to brag about. We are also proud to say that two of the grandkids finished from the Bred By Exhibitor Class !

  DOB Wife Name Boys Girls
  12/01/1997 CH Geistvoll Trace of Silver Tracey 1 3
  05/08/2001 AM/CAN CH Geistvoll Yesterday's Dream, NA, NAJ, CGC YD 0 2
  08/26/2002 AM/CAN CH Geistvoll Yesterday's Dream, NA, NAJ, CGC YD 1 1
  01/13/2003 CH Hartgersotten's Sun Devil Tempe 1 4
  04/22/2003 CH Peppermill Last Hurrah V Skico Emmie 4 3
  06/13/2004 CH Centennial Mandylian Capella, TDI Pella 2 0
  09/26/2004 AM/CAN CH Cedar Hills Rainy Days PD 2 4


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