Korie and Epilepsy

by Roy F. Dvorak


This document and the linked documents attempt to describe Korie’s (Katon’s Encore V Skico) condition of primary inherited epilepsy. Each document will argue against any external agent as to the cause of her seizures as expressed by others.

There is no test in the medical industry for the existence of primary inherited epilepsy. A veterinarian or neurologist arrives at the diagnosis of primary inherited epilepsy by a process of elimination. By discussing the causes of seizures, we show that Korie’s seizures are not caused by some external influence. We examine and eliminate these external agents in each document.

From our research (books, magazine articles, Internet articles, veterinarian discussions) that we have performed, we have found that seizures may be caused by the following diseases and or conditions:

  • Brain tumor, Head injury
  • Distemper
  • Environment - toxins (plants)
  • ’hyper’ and ’hypo’ Conditions
  • Lyme Disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
  • Primary Inherited Epilepsy

This list is not all encompassing, but close, and these items are the major causes for seizures in dogs. We will discuss Korie’s history of seizures and how each item in the above list relates to seizures and Korie. We feel that one Standard Schnauzer with primary inherited epilepsy is too many!

The Handbook of Veterinary Neurology by Oliver and Lorenz (2nd edition 1993) has a list of breeds that are predisposed to primary inherited or idiopathic epilepsy. The Standard Schnauzer is not on the list and neither is the Dalmatian. Since the book was published, it is now a known fact that Dalmatians are predisposed to primary inherited epilepsy. This fact is admitted to by Dalmatian breeders and owners. If the problem, as small as it may be, is not addressed now, then it is only a matter of time before the Standard Schnauzer is added to the list of seizure prone canines. The very tragic part is that those Standard Schnauzer breeders that have produced epileptic dogs in the past are "sweeping the problem under the rug". They have created the proverbial time bomb; it is ticking down and will eventually explode.

All of the intracranial agents - distemper, brain tumor, brain injury, and poisons - are discussed in other sections and we show that none of them are the causes of Korie’s seizures.


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