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This is the list of links that we have collected over the last several months with the help of members on the epi-k9 list. We feel that these links are informative and noteworthy. This is not intended to be a source of veterinarian medical advice. It is intended to help you gather more information. We make no endorsement whatsoever of any of the products or ideas presented at any of these sites.
If you link to any of these sites from this web page and encounter problems of any nature, please contact us so that we may correct and update the link as soon as possible. Thank You.

Alternative / Holistic Miscellaneous
Anticonvulsant Drugs Other
Book Store Senior Dog
Dog Food Spiritual Support
Epilepsy Solar Activity
General Health Care Supplementation
Kories Cyber Friends Thyroid
Light Hearted Vaccinations

AltVetMed -Table of contents to many interesting items.
Canine Health Remedies and Treatments.
Canine health page dealing with holistic care, homeopathy, etc.
Pet corner of The Medicine Garden.
Herbal and Homeopathic Products.
Pet's Crystals - Ancient healing stones and pet crystals.
Anaflora Flower Essences and Animal Communication.
Ketogenic diet (for humans).
Ketogenic diet - Packard Children's Hospital, Stanford University Medical Center (for humans).
High-fat diet can reduce seizures - Ketogenic Diet (for humans).
"Bach Flower Essences" - Rescue Remedy - by Sharon Eschrich.
"Miracle of Magnets" by Dr. William Pawluk, MD, MSc.
"Magnetic Therapy" by Les Sellnow (article deals with magnets and horses).
Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Associates.
1996 revised guidelines for alternative and complementary veterinary medicine.
About Essential Fatty Acids.
Barlean's Organic Oils.
Harlmen Corporation - Innovative Products for Veterinarians.
"Dimethylglycine (DMG) for Autism" by Bernard Rimland, Ph.D. (for humans).
The complete reference center and information source for Melatonin.
The Omega Plan Web site (for humans).
This site lists a different Remedy of the Week.

Texas A&M Clinical Pharmacology Laboratory.
There is an informative article on Potassium Bromide (KBr) treatment.
Texas A&M Clinical Pharmacology Laboratory.
There is an informative article on Clorazepate treatment.
Epilepsy Ontario (for humans).
Mechanisms of Anti-epileptic Drugs (for humans).
Advances in Drug Therapy of Epilepsy (for humans).
Information on Anti-epileptic Drugs (for humans).
The Mar Vista Animal Medical Center.
Check out their pharmacy information.
MedicineNet - State of the Art Medical Information (for humans).
Select 'The Pharmacy' and then select drug you would like information on.
This article discusses drug testing.
This is the New England Journal of Medicine (for humans).
There is a feature to search past journals for the topic of your choice.
Epilepsy drug Lamotrigine with fewer side effects (for humans).
Center for Veterinary Medicine - On-Line Library.
Recent Advances in Anticonvulsant (anti-seizure) Medication (for humans).

Great source of books.
Mostly Pet Books and Videos.
Merck Manual on line (for humans).

Kritters Kitchen - Recipes & Tips.
Optimum Pet Nutrition & Natural Health Care for Animals.
Bones and Raw Food Diet - Q&A.
Canine Health Naturally.
"How to Feed your Dog a Natural Diet" by Mogers Eliasen.
Purely Pets.
"Why a Natural Diet" by Darleen Rudnick.
"An Overview of Neospora Caninum and Raw Food Diets" by Larry Bernstein, V.M.D.
Balance Diet by Veterinary Nutrition Corp.
Tresors Flint River (TM).
Flint River Ranch Super Premium Canine Health Food.
Flint River Ranch proudly presents Super Premium Holistic Health for Dogs & Cats.
Woof! Sports USA.
Flint River Ranch literature and research.
Animal Protection Institute.
Scroll to Publications and click on Fact Sheets for - Pet Food Shopping Guide "What's Really In Dog Food".
Wild Oats web site.
The Pomerama Give your Dog a Bone. . . and a Hug! by Susann Philbrook.
Biscuits and treats galore! - recipes included.
Kalgoorlie & Districts German Shephard Obedience Club.
Dog recipes.
Center for Veterinary Medicine.
Regulates feed additives and animal drugs.
Natura Pet Products.
Makers of Innova, California Natural, Matrix and Anmar Foods.
The Dog Food Comparison Charts by Earle Wolfe.
Links to the manufacturers' web site and/or e-mail addresses.
Sold Gold Health Products for Pets.
"Is Raw Safe" by Christie Keith.
"Ethoxyquin" by John Macdonald.

Epil-K9's Canine Epilepsy Resource Center
Canine Epilepsy Network web site at the University of Missouri, Columbia.
"Canine Epilepsy" by Todd Woods, M.D.
This is an outstanding article and very well worth the visit.
Vetinfo - Seizures in Dogs - Ask Dr. Mike.
AltVetMed - "Epilepsy" by Susan Gayle Wynn, D.V.M.
Scroll down the right column to Idiopathic Epilepsy and click.
"Idiopathic Epilepsy" by Dr. Wendell O. Belfield.
Idiopathic Epilepsy.
Dalmatian Club of America 1997 Seizure Survey.
Web site of the University of Florida Neurology Department.
Seizures and other neurological disorders, discussions on both traditional treatments and diet, vitamin supplementation, etc.
Canine Epilepsy.
"Seizures in Dogs" by Teri Dickinson, D.V.M.
"Causes of Seizures in Dogs" by Teri Dickinson, D.V.M.
Dr. Podell (Ohio State) web site on Seizures in Dogs.
Dr. Podell (Ohio State) discusses non-epileptic seizures.
"Seizures in Dogs" by Thomas K. Graves, D.V.M.
Mar Vista Vet Hospital.
Click on "To the Pet Web Library" and scroll down to seizure disorders and click again.
Page on seizure disorders.
Purely Pets.
"Epilepsy in Dogs & Cats A Growing Concern" by Darleen Rudnick.

Home Vet - Natural Pet Care - Jeff Feinman, V.M.D.
Helpful links to many sites and lots of canine health information.
Daschund Club of America.
Contains many articles of interest.
Animal CPR by Lori H. Feldman, D.V.M. and Henery J. Feldman, MA, EMT-M.
Pfizer Animal Health.
Topics in Veterinary Medicine.
Ivermectin Sensitivity.
Collie-Talk - Heartworm Medication.
"Coprophagia" by V. Louise Feddema.
Scroll down to item 7.5 for discussion of Dogs eating feces.
Farnam Companies, Inc. web site.
BioFlea and BioSpot.
Articles on Health, Life and Experiences.

The History of Dang Ol' Boomhauer, aka Boomer.
This is Emma, I met her in Greely, Colorado. She is a sweet heart.
Louie - Louie.
GI Joe is one cool Dude.
Check out Pua and her internet friends. I am there too!
Meet Prissy.
Check out Storm the Akita.
Home page of Klaus Lord.
Quarks Home page.

Hilarious and entertaining site of dog stories and humor.
Features a pet of the day and dog of the day.

Companion Animals/Pets-Animal Rights Resource Site - lists other links.
Vita-Tech Health Sciences.
The Mailing List Directory.
L-Soft International Official Catalog of Listserv Lists.
Electronic Labaoratory Handbook - Chemistry (extensive list of drugs).
Antibiotics and Antibacterials.
Otomax web site.
Health Centers - Health Issues (for humans).
Measurements Converter.
Promoting health relationships and humane training through a holistic approach to the dog - body, mind & soul.
Helpful Articles from pet sitting to doggie doors.
More Helpful Articles from your new baby to house training topics.
Lots and lots of useful information about dogs.
Pet identification tags.
The American Kennel Club web site.
Navigation made simple. . . all across the United States.
"A Breeder's Responsibility" from the Complete Dog Book 19th Edition Revised.

Information on symptoms of ehrlichiosis
Canine bladder stones.
"Canine Bladder Stones" by Dr. Christine Welch and Cordie Davis.
"Portosystemic Shunt" by Michael R. Broome, D.V.M., MS, Dipl. ABVP.
"Skin and Allergy Problems in Dogs" by Cheryl Minnier.

The Senior Dog Project with information on Rimadyl.
Click 'R' from the search line and find information on Rimadyl.

SPIRITUAL SUPPORT (for dealing with sick and dying pets)
A beautiful and wonderful tribute to the epil-k9 list babies who went to the rainbow bridge in 1998.
Christmas at Rainbow Bridge.
Pet memorials by Tech Systems, Inc.
Dals Rainbow Bridge Special.
Loose your mind in a pool of feelings and come out refreshed.
"Candle Ceremory Page for Cats" by Vicki Cleaver.

Variation of Geomagnetic Activity since 1844.
The Occurrance of Geomagnetic Disturbances.
BioElectromagnetism and Low Frequency Electromagnetic Fields by Dr. John Ashill.
Solar Data Analysis Center.
Geophysical Alert Message.
Solar Terrestrial Activity Report.
Phases of the moon.

Dr. Jeff's Favorite All-Round Supplements.
"Your Animal's Health" by Dr. Wendell O. Belfield.
Information on Vitamin D by Dr. Damien Downing.

"Thyroid Disease: Autoimmune Thyroid Disease: common Problem of Purebred Dogs" by W. Jean Dodds, D.V.M.
"The Immune System and Disease Resistance" by W. Jean Dodds, D.V.M.
Pet Talk Home Page.
Thyroid Disease in Pets by Terrance Times and Dr. Tom Sager.
The Thyroid Society (for humans).
Daniels Pharmaceuticals - Animal Health Division - Soloxine.
Natural approaches to dealing with hypothyroidism by Vitawise (for humans).

Vaccinosis - Dr. Richard Pitcairn discusses chronic diseases caused by vaccines. Reprint from the now defunct Wolf Clan Magazine by Laura Wallingford.
"The Interrelationship of Vaccinations, Vital Force and Remedy Action" by Larry Bernstein, V.M.D.
Kensington Veterinary Hospital.
Frontier Natural Products Corp.
Click on "search engine" and type "Immune problems, vaccines & cancer in animals"
"Integrative Theropy in Dogs with Nervous Systems and other Disorders" by Dr. Roger Clemons D.M.V. Ph.D. Assoc. Professor of Veterinary Neurology.
Vaccination Decisions by Susan Gayle Wynn D.V.M.
Vaccination In Animals - International Vaccination Newsletter.
"Vaccinations for the New Puppy" by Susan Thorpe Vargas MS, D.V.M.
Type in the search box: "They shoot horses but vaccinate dogs".
Article is by Chrisse Mason B.R.C.P., Ph.D.
"The Vaccination Conundrum" by Libbye Miller.
"Vaccine Safety?" by Dr. William R. LaRosa M.D.

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