2001 SSCA National Specialty - St. Louis, MO (Purina Farms)
Team Obedience

{Back of shirts say 3 guys + 1 bitch = 1 guy + 3 bitches} {On lead heeling - L to R dogs are Aaron, Cassidy, Zimmer, Charlie}
{On lead heeling - L to R Kathi with Aaron, Joel with Cassidy, Ladonna with Zimmer, Sunny with Charlie} {On lead heeling - L to R people are Kathi, Joel, Ladonna, Sunny}
{Figure 8's} {Figure 8's in motion}
{Stand for Exam} {Another view of the stand for exam}
{Handlers and dogs ready for the recall} {Ready and waiting for the recall}
{Award time - we took 2nd place!!!  What fun!} {A team photo - front of shirts say 3+1=1+3}

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