Anecdotes from inside and outside the dog show ring.



The stories presented here are the views of Human, the stationary rover reporter. There never was any mention of what newspaper or magazine that he worked for. To him, a newspaper was used for management decisions. We also know that the newspaper was a training tool or medium for him in his younger days (the first story gives it away) .

In the first article, Human's initial endeavor at reporting and expressing and printing, he tells his
views about dog shows .

In the next edition, Human takes a look at what really bugs him . He has a few incites, his opinion of course, as to why some of his canine buds are so hyper or so relaxed.

And finally, Human reminisces about the good old days when his mother would read the
Mother Schnauz Welping Rhymes . He cites a few examples of his favorite rhymes.


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