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YD and Aaron

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Himmlisch Standard Schnauzers

Korie's video on canine epilepsy is now on YouTube!

Announcing the breeding of   Preston and Rita.
Puppies arrived on Saturday May 14, 2022

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Stuff Kathi and Roy Do: Rafting, Rescue An expanded write up about us and some of the things that we like to do.
Our pups - Himmlisch Picture Page Our kids, past and present and a picture page of each.
Perusal - canine epilepsy articles we have written These articles are all directly or indirectly related to canine epilepsy.
Himmlisch Potpourri 2014 Page This and that and a potpourri of information. These are the latest things
that we have to boast about.
Himmlisch Spotlight Page New! Himmlisch Standard Schnauzers in the spotlight.
Himmlisch puppies Puppies from Aaron.
Puppies from YD.
Puppies from Preston.
Puppies from Madison.
Puppies from Liebe.
Puppy from Autumn.

Puppies from Lindy - link not working yet

Himmlisch Coat of Arms Page  
The Himmlisch Standard Schnauzers Coat of Arms.

Dog stories with satire and humor  
A view of the human world from a dog's point of view.

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