Katon's Encore V Skico
April 4, 1994 - July 27, 2007
CERF (Eyes) SC-196/2005-131
International Star Registry - star number Orion RA 5h 58m 37s - D08º 30'
Inbreeding Coefficient = 8.22%  (full pedigree information was available for 5 full generations)


This is Korie Lynn's section. You can read about her background or look at some of her pictures and examine her pedigree .

Because Korie has primary inherited epilepsy, she has an extensive medical history. Click on any year to see what she has done and what we have done for her ( 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, and 2000 - 2007 ) To see a recap of her seizure activity, look at the summary file.

Here are some graphs of Korie's blood work. In the beginning, it was important to monitor her every 6 months. The charts are not too terribly revealing, but they are interesting.

Included here is a "Petit" Discussion on Epilepsy .

Click here to see Korie's most recent medications.

In August 1998, she had gold beads implanted in her so you can read about Korie's gold beads . Korie's late cyber friend, an English Springer Spaniel named Preston, had his gold bead implants done in 1997. He gave us permission to show you his story about gold beads .

We have produced a 16 minute video on canine epilepsy and Korie is the subject, of course. You can read a short description of Korie's video .

Laurin Howard, owned by Springer Spaniels, wrote a very provocative article titled, What's the Big Deal . She has given us permission to feature it here on Korie's page.

You can read the poem I Did Not Ask or the poem I Have Expressions On My Face .

Korie's video was shown at the Phyllis Croft Foundation for Canine Epilepsy's symposium on Understanding Epilepsy in England, in the summer of 1999. Click here to see the highlights of the symposium which appeared in England's "Dog World" , a weekly journal .

In November 2000, Kathi was interviewed for an on-line article entitled Understanding Canine Seizures.
Click here to read the on-line article .   The printer version is available on this website.

Korie crosssed to the rainbow bridge on July 27, 2007. She had been seizure free for 8 years, 3 months and 20 days !


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